Results: Dojo Wars 17

Dojo Wars 17 – 12/31/2014

1.) Curt Robinson d. Dan O’Hare via Banana Splits  (5:36)

2.) Lennon Duffy d. Slugger Clark via Sunset Flip (8:47)

3.) Penelope Ford d. Dave McCall via Rainbow Press (4:30)

4.) Rockin’ New Year’s Eve Copper Man Match:
Andrew Wolf d. Trooper Audubon 6-5 (15:00)

5.) Joey Janela & Rex Lawless d. Blake Morris & Ben Ortiz when Janela Pinned Ortiz via Double Stomp  (13:35)

6.) Medal of Valor Championship:
Conor Claxton d. Frankie Pickard 2-1 (9:37)
– 1st Fall: Claxton via Fujiwara Armbar (4:40)
– 2nd Fall: Pickard via Cross Kneebar (6:36)
– 3rd Fall: Claxton via Wrench Slam (9:37)


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